Sunday, July 3, 2011

What We've Been Up To....

Most of my most recent updates have been adoption-related and I thought it was time to post some pictures of Evan and what we've been busy doing... Evan and I surprised Daddy with water ballons yesterday while Drew was working on the landscaping in the backyard...I don't think Drew minded at all- it was SO HOT!
 And Evan loved him some tickle/wrestling time with Daddy...
 We've also been swimming lots in the last couple of weeks- until Evan got a double ear infection this week :(  Luckily he's a really tough guy and hasn't complained hardly at all of pain!!
 We made a trip to the zoo with Betsy, Jack, Zoe and a couple daycare kids one day last week...  Fun times feeding the ducks!
 And we took a picnic to the park with my mom and dad one day this past week and happened to run into Evan's best buddy Ryan.  This was my view from our blanket- can you see Ryan and Evan on the Jeep?  They are such good friends and play so well together!
 We did puzzles on the porch one night this week while we were waiting for Daddy to come home from work...  This guy loves puzzles!
  And he couldn't WAIT to show Daddy his pirate sword he made at storytime when Drew got home from work!
 Working on his Starfall activities on the computer.  For anyone with children around Evan's age, this website is WONDERFUL!  Our children's librarian introduced me to it and Evan LOVES it....
 This picture shows Evan's newest trick at the pool- jumping in and going UNDER the water!  He's getting so big!
 We've had a great last couple of weeks and are trying to soak up every minute of our little guy.  We know the dynamics of our family will change once Zoe comes home!  And keep praying for that MOWA letter!  We can't wait until Zoe is OURS and it's all official!

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