Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, here's what we've been up to the last couple of weeks... Lots and lots of playdates and lots and lots of family fun!!
Here is Evan napping in his new big boy bed. He's still warming up to the idea and hasn't slept in there during the night yet, but we're at least in process :)
We took a quick trip to Chicago last weekend to see Hailey play softball and Ty play baseball. We spent most of the day at the ball diamonds, so I didn't get a lot of pictures.... This is Aunt Laura and Evan watching Hailey play...
Tickle time while watching Hailey's game :)
Ty and E playing cars in the shade :)
This was a quick picture of Ty running during his game... I didn't snap one of Hailey all day :( She was hard to catch!!

The little man showing off his smile :)
Celebrating Laura's 25th birthday!

Little E excited for cake :)
Riding his new big boy bike with Daddy!!
Playdate with Ryan in his new monkey pool :)
Ryan's turn to slide!!

Evan's turn!!
First time in his new pool... he loves it! And I even got in it with him a couple days- it's been so hot here!!
Loving his new pool!
Trip to the zoo with Addie Grace!!
Evan hanging out in the tents at the zoo :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots and Lots and Lots of Playing!!

Well, there isn't too much new to report here at the Baker house. We've been keeping extremely busy the last couple of weeks, but we've been having lots of fun in the process!! It seems like everyday we either have a playdate, trip to the zoo, picnic, or some other fun thing planned. We try to meet Drew for lunch at a park once or twice a week and have a picnic lunch... We're counting down the days until our first family vacation in early June!! I've uploaded some pictures of our last couple of weeks.. Enjoy!

The crazy orangatans at the zoo.... Evan enjoyed watching them be silly :)
Playing the African drums at the zoo...
Sitting on the turtle... I've taken one of these pictures every summer... I need to compare them and see how much bigger he has gotten... :)Taking his giraffe (TipTop) to see the giraffes :)

Sitting in front of the misters... he loves it!
Painting with watercolors :)
My new scrapbook room/office in the basement... We've started getting Evan's big boy room ready upstairs and moved all this stuff down to the basement....
My old desk that I refinished and painted white...
I just had to include this picture.... I made Mothers Day cards out of it for all Evan's grandmas and great-grandmas... Isn't he just too cute??
Riding the cars down to Ryan's new playset...
Evan is standing at the front of the ship looking out onto the lake with the binoculars...

The two captains of the ship....
Going down the gangplank...
Checking everything out....
Eating their snack inside the boat :) These two make quite a pair... They are best buddies!

Playdate at Ryan's house- they just love riding his cars around the garage...

Loving Ryan's car :)
Helping with the landscaping at Ryan's house...
Riding one of Ryan's big wheels :)
Enjoying an ice cream date with mommy after shopping one afternoon :)
Eating a banana and playing with cars at his new picnic table...
Trying out his new slide..
What a happy little guy :)
Drew finished putting the swingset together one night after Evan was in bed, so I made sure to take lots of pictures of him the first time he saw it the next day for Drew :)

Uncle Cal pushing Evan on his tractor...
Riding his tractor at Grandma and Grandpa's house...he hasn't quite figured out how to pedal yet, but he loves being pushed around!