Friday, May 29, 2009


As many of you may know, peonies are a big part of the history of the Baker family. Drew's parents have a beautiful patch of Brad Baker Peonies (they really are named this after Drew's dad) in their backyard.... Evan was having fun smelling them last weekend when we were over there for dinner... Charna took some great pictures and I thought I would share!!

Four generations of Baker boys... I loved this picture!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching Up!

Things around are house have been pretty busy, which has become somewhat normal during the month of May every year. Drew has been spending pretty much every spare minute he has (except during his work hours) studying for the Level III CFA Exam. We're counting down the days until June 6th around here!! Evan and I have been trying to stay busy as much as possible. It's obvious that Evan has realized that Daddy isn't around as much as he usually is, which makes it hard for everyone- especially Drew... But only a couple more weeks and it's over!! Evan and I went to Shipshewana last weekend with my parents for an afternoon away while Drew was studying. Here are a few pictures from that outing....
Riding the carousel in the Davis Mercantile... As you can see- this boy LOVES carousels!!
Taking a buggy ride with Papa... He wasn't too sure at first, but was all smiles when they got back...
Fun times :) He talked about this for a couple of days afterwards!
Looking all cute in his stripey pajamas...
Playing at his new picnic table... We've been eating lunch outside at his table every day that it's nice and he LOVES it!!
Look at this body!! He looks so cute in his new shark pajamas :)Fish lips... His new favorite thing...

Thought I would include a movie of the little guy jabbering away :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris Allen

I don't know about all of you, but I am a big fan of American Idol, and specifically Kris Allen this season. I was sooo hoping that Kris would win this year. I really feel he is a great role model for all the people he has influenced. I've done some reading this afternoon about him, and he apparently leads worship at his home church and has been involved in various forms of missionary work. I found this video of Kris leading worship at his church. What a powerful song (it's one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs).... I wish he could have done this song on the show!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Drew had the day off yesterday and we spent a few hours at the zoo.... It was such a fun family day!! We bought a family membership (along with a guest pass) for this year, so we're anxious to spend lots of time there this summer... Evan loved the animals! His favorites were the monkeys... It was so fun to watch him take everything in... We feel so blessed to have such a great zoo so close to home. Here are a few pictures of our zoo experience :)
At the zoo and ready for a fun morning :)
ing at me and saying "Hi"!!
Looking like such a big boy in his stroller...
We were watching a peacock with its feathers all spread out...
Walking with Mommy...
Loving the horse :)
Sitting on the turtle :)
For some reason, he loved this turtle...
The kangaroos were all taking naps...
Watching the sea lions swimming around...
LOVING the carousel.... He kept saying "More Please" when it was all done, so of course Daddy took him again :) I love this picture- He's in the middle of wav
Something hit me while Evan was riding the carousel... I don't know if it was his baseball cap or what, but my little boy is SOO grown up!!! Makes me kind of sad :(
Too cute :)
We've pretty much established that any and all trips to the zoo this summer will HAVE to include a ride on the carousel... He loves it!!
Watching the orangutan.... He was soo big and right on the other side of the glass... Evan wasn't too sure...
Evan's favorites- the monkeys!!
Watching the monkeys swinging from branch to branch... He looks so serious in all these pictures :) Just taking it all in...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Laptop Giveaway!

Be sure to enter yourself in this giveaway- a brand new Toshiba laptop and carrying case!! The deadline for entry is Friday, May 22nd....

Mother's Day!

We had a very relaxing Mother's Day with family... We woke up and went to church, ate lunch at my parent's house with all of my grandparents, and then came home for a couple of hours before we left for Drew's parent's house for dinner with all of the Baker clan. Lots of relaxing and time spent with family makes for a very happy mommy!! Evan and Drew gave me a dozen roses and a family zoo pass :) So we'll be making lots of trips to the zoo this summer!! I think we may go this Friday if the weather cooperates since Drew took the day off work... I didn't take many pictures yesterday, but here are a few!
Climbing up his slide!!
Showing off!!
Here he goes!!
My beautiful roses!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Busy!!

We're back!! Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but things have been a little crazy around our house. We've had several distractions and I haven't taken too many pictures of the little man lately... Drew has been very busy studying for the Level III CFA Exam... We will all be so happy when June 6th is here and gone and (Lord-willing) he will be DONE with all of this craziness! On another front, many of you may remember my post at the end of last year about the headaches I've been having... Well, they still haven't gotten any better. I've been seeing the chiropractor and it doesn't seem to be helping too much, so the next step is another CT scan (this time of my jaw). They're wondering now if I may have TMJ or something jaw-related that could be causing me all this pain. So we'll see.... Next step after all of this if we don't find anything is a neurologist.... We would appreciate your prayers as we muddle through this next month or so... Needless to say- we're very anxious here at the Baker household for things to resume as normal on both of these fronts... And of course, I couldn't end this post without pictures of the little man...

Playing at the park today with Aunt Laura...
This boy LOVES Aunt Laura!!
Guess who dressed him today?? Laura got this outfit and matching shoes for him for Easter- too cute!!
Last week at the park....
He loves the slide!!
Grandma Charna watched him a couple of weeks ago and they picked some flowers for mommy out of Great-Grandma Charlotte's flower garden.... He was so proud of the flowers he picked for me :)