Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Meetcha Day!

Ok, so now I will start to post more pictures of our sweet Zoe...  As I posted in my daily journal, meeting her was surreal.  Still hard to believe she's ours forever!   

 Finally getting my hands on her!!
 So in love...
Checking us out... very serious at first, just like Evan was as a baby...
 Daddy holds her for the first time...  checking him out :)
 a Daddy's girl already :)
First smile we saw... can't wait to see many many more of these!!

Many of you have asked about her name...  We chose the name Zoe for her and decided to keep her family name (Tadesse- pronounced Ta-dess-uh) as her middle name.  Zoe means "life" and Tadesse means "redeemed".  LIFE REDEEMED.  We thought this was absolutely perfect.  More pictures AND VIDEO of our baby to come!!


  1. Aah! She is so beautiful! Can't wait until you bring her home!!!!!
    Jon and Amy G.

  2. Congratulations...Zoe Tadesse is perfect in every way! So happy for you and your family!

  3. What a doll! She's gorgeous. I hope you get to bring her home very soon!