Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Baby is 9 Months Old!!

Today is Zoe's 9-month birthday!  Oh how we wish we could be celebrating this milestone with her... Drew mentioned the other day that he would do just about ANYTHING to jump on a plane and bring her home...And I couldn't agree with him more (any of you who know me well know that this speaks volumes since I am in NO WAY a seasoned "flyer" or "traveler").  It seems like each step of this journey just keeps getting harder, but we know that God's timing is perfect.  So many things throughout each day remind me of my sweet baby and my heart just aches to have her here with us.  We were at a splash park this past weekend and I just kept thinking about Zoe and wishing that she could be splashing and giggling with Evan.  And at the zoo yesterday, I saw a couple little girls with outfits exactly like the ones hanging in Zoe's closet and it made me wish I could see my Zoe wearing them...And each time I pass her room waiting so ready for her I say a little prayer for her and wonder what she's doing on the other side of the world.  But I just keep reminding myself that His timing is perfect..some days I have to remind myself over and over and over....

We are trying to soak up every minute with Evan while we wait because we know that things will change once Zoe is home, but we are just ALL so anxious.  Not a day goes by that Evan doesn't talk about Zoe and I can already tell he's going to be such a great big brother (not that I expect the adjustment to be PERFECT- I'm not that naive!).  Last night we were talking to Evan about what a big brother is all about and what an important job that is... We asked him to name some of the things a big brother does... I totally expected him to say "play with her, kiss her, etc". His first answer "Well, I need to make sure Zoe stays out of danger". Too cute! And he's constantly surprising me throughout the day with questions like "Where will Zoe be sitting when we do this momma?" or "I can't wait to show Zoe this!".  Melts my heart. 

 We are hoping and praying that we will be all be home as a family of 4 within the next month or two and all of this waiting will be behind us FOREVER.   Travel in early September is the goal, although late August would be PERFECT!!!  And for those of you curious, we probably won't know when we'll be traveling until a week or so before we leave- it will be last minute!  Thanks again for your prayers and support- it means so much to us!!

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  1. I am so glad that you are blogging these moments with Evan. Too precious! These entries will be such a gift to your daughter. Praying that the travel dates come soon!