Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are HOME and we are in LOVE!

We are home and are still trying to adjust to normal life again!  Our trip was amazing- we definitely left a piece of our hearts there...  Zoe is soooo PERFECT and it was soo hard to leave Ethiopia without her.  I have been pretty emotional the last few days- it was a really strange feeling being so torn between my little man at home and my baby girl in Ethiopia.  I wanted so badly to just snatch her from that orphanage and hide her in my suitcase- but Drew reminded me that I really don't want to be in prison in Ethiopia!  We passed court on Friday and are just waiting on our MOWA letter to make everything official.  Once we get that letter, I am free to post all the hundreds of pictures we took of sweet Zoe while we were there.  Yes, we did take a total of 691 pictures and 2 hours of video in the 6 days we were gone!  I plan to post a day-by-day journal of the things we did and experienced each day while we were there..  thanks again for all the prayers and support.  We truly feel so blessed and it's been so amazing to see how God has worked in EVERY part of this adoption process.  I just have to trust that HE is holding my baby girl and watching over her even when so many miles separate us and I can't hold her.  Oh, but how I wish we could go back tomorrow! 


  1. How exciting to read all your posts. I cannot wait to see pictures of Zoe and read your journal. I cannot imagine having to leave a little girl behind that you became so attached to. We will be praying that the MOWA letter comes soon!!!

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