Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Friends and Adoption!

One of the greatest things about this adoption process thus far is all the new friends we have made...some we have met in real life and some we have "met" through email, blogs, FB, etc. Our church is very adoption-focused (which we love) and even has an adoption ministry called Truevine that has been a big support both emotionally and financially.  We have also become involved with an Ethiopian adoption support group based in Fort Wayne which we are so thankful for and hope to become more involved with once we bring Zoe home.  And we have met soo many nice families who either have already adopted or are in the process right alongside us.  One of these families have been a huge blessing for us.  You can check out their blog here and follow them as they are in the process to adopt from Ethiopia again.  We met with Jon and Amy when we were early on in the process and still undecided about which country God was leading us to.  Their girls, Jada and Adia, are from Ethiopia and absolutely adorable.  It's been awesome for me to watch them grow as it's a little glimpse into our future :)  We met with them last night at a local park for a picnic.  What a blessing it is to have friends who can answer questions, share in our excitement, and pray with us.  The kids had lots of fun playing on a very HOT day!
 Double slide- perfect for twins!
 Little cutie-patooties!
 Evan joining in on the fun!
Jada and Evan were loving the alligator, but Adia wasn't too sure!

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