Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Bags Are Packed!!!

We've been super busy the last few days!  Drew's dad retired this year after 38 years of teaching- we went to a convocation on the last day of school and surprised him... 
E wasn't overwhelmed by all the people at all- I was surprised!
 A picture of all Brad's siblings (minus Beth in South Carolina), his parents, Cal and our family in his classroom after the convocation...

And the last few days have been filled with LOTS of packing!  I think we're finally ready except for a few last-minute things we need to throw in!
 I also put together a scrapbook with pictures of our family (and their names translated in Amharic) for Zoe's birth grandmother.  We will have the opportunity to meet with her when we arrive this week..  What a blessing that this worked out so perfectly!
 Some pictures of Zoe's big brother!!
 My side of the family...
 Drew's side of the family....
 One of the huge suitcases jam packed full of donations for Zoe's orphanage!
 Another suitcase filled with donations!!
 Lots of things piled on our bed to remember to take!
 In the process of filling our suitcases...
These are E's surprise bags for each day we are gone.  We have also taped videos for him to watch each day we are gone...I truly think this week will be much harder on us than on him...  He will be in great hands while we are gone! 

We have been reminded numerous times in the past few days that God is in the DETAILS....  We received 2 new pictures of Zoe yesterday (the only ones we've received since our referral on 4/1)!  The visit with Zoe's birth grandmother worked out wonderfully- she agreed to stay in Addis after her court appointment in order to meet us!  We also found out she has been moved to the transitional home owned by our agency so we will be staying RIGHT NEXT DOOR to her!  So thankful for these things...  I have a peace about leaving Evan and going to meet Zoe...  For those of you that know me, this can only be a GOD THING.  I would not usually be at peace about making such a trip- especially when it means leaving Evan!  We treasure each of you who have walked this journey with us and continue to lift up our family and baby Zoe in your prayers... We will try to update while we are in Ethiopia if at all possible!!


  1. You are amazingly organized! I was laughing at your bedroom pics--looks just like our room before we go to Haiti. We'll be praying for all of you each day. Can't wait to hear about your Zoe!

  2. So excited for you all! We travel about two weeks later and are in the 'list' phase of things! So much to do so little time. All I have to say is soak it all up. Our trip to pick up our little guy last time went so fast and there is so much to see and remember. Just soak in the time there and the culture and get lots of love from that little one. Congrats! Tara