Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Court Hearing!

Yesterday was our first court hearing in Ethiopia (that we did not need to be present at).   It was at 9:00 am in Ethiopia, which was 2:00 am our time.  Drew had set his alarm and we woke up to pray together while the court date was going on... We heard last night from our agency's director that all went well and Zoe's birthfamily gave their consent.  Our MOWA letter was not there (which we expected) and we passed pending that letter.  Hopefully we will have the letter in the next few weeks.  For those unfamiliar with the process, there are 2 more steps left in the process until Zoe is "officially" ours.  We will attend our court hearing next Friday (the 17th) and once we pass that hearing, it's just waiting on that MOWA letter.  This was the part of the process that changed a couple of months ago- they are only processing 5 letters a day- a definite decrease from before.  Once we get the MOWA letter, she is officially our child and I can post pictures of her on this blog!  Can't WAIT!  We are getting more and more prepared for our trip and our house is filled with lists, piles of donations for her orphanage, and piles of things we want to remember to pack...  We are getting so excited to meet Zoe and love on her!!   

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I can't wait to get updates!!!! I've been praying for you all - what an exciting time in your lives :) Miss you!