Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Days 5 and 6 in Ethiopia!

First the bad news- This post does not have many pictures with it like my previous trip posts have....  Then the GOOD news- This is because we were spending so much of the time with our sweet Zoe and she is about all we took pictures of on these days!  Sooo...  here's hoping that our MOWA letter comes SOON and we can post pictures of her ASAP!  I'm just dying to show her off to everyone in blogland- although most of you have probably already seen her pictures since I carry them around with me and Zoe's grandma's have also LOVED showing their new grandbaby off! 

Saturday (June 18th)- We woke up and spent a little time with Zoe in the morning before heading to do some shopping and ate lunch at a local Italian restaurant. It was delicious food- especially in comparison to the other food we had been “attempting to eat” at the guesthouse. Went back to the guesthouse to find Zoe napping, so we decided to pack for a little bit and told the nannies that we wanted them to let us know when she woke up. We got everything all packed and ready and then spent all of the afternoon with her. Very bittersweet, I loved every minute of it, but kept thinking about how hard it was going to be to leave her there and head home. I got very emotional when Woudneh said it was time to leave and it was much harder to drive away from the guesthouse and transitional home than I thought it would be. We arrived at the Ethiopia airport around 6:00pm (ETH time) and our flight left at 10:30pm.

Sunday (June 19th)-We arrived in Washington DC Dulles airport at 8:00am (3:00 pm ETH) and had to go through immigration, get our bags, customs, etc. We ended up having enough time for an AMAZING lunch before our flight left- we even went to a different terminal in order to have Chipotle. I think it was the best Chipotle meal we've ever had (after all the awful food we had while in Ethiopia). Our flight left DC around 12:30 pm (7:30pm ETH) and we arrived in Detroit at 2:00 pm (9:00 pm ETH). We gathered bags as quickly as possible and drove home- couldn't wait to see our little guy! It was great to be home, but we truly are counting down the days, hours and minutes until we can go back and bring Zoe home. Overall, it was a great trip and it was wonderful to experience Zoe's country. We can't wait until we have clearance to go back and get our baby!
 I know these pictures aren't exciting at all- but they are pretty much all I took during the last 2 days except for our Zoe...  I mainly took these for Evan so I could show him pictures of the airplane we were on and the airport...
 Washington DC Dulles airport tower (one of the many)
Our plane in the background as we were being shuttled to a different terminal only to wait in MORE lines for immigration, customs, check-ins, etc...  What a great sight this was to see it behind us as we were FINALLY off it it!  The 16 hour flight from Addis to DC was rough..  That said, I will GLADLY do it again to bring home my baby!!!

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