Monday, March 17, 2008

New Pictures of the Munchkin!

Our little guy is now rolling all over the place!! We never know what position we're going to find him in when we go into his room to get him after a nap or a night of sleep.... He's getting to where he likes his tummy a lot more now that he's rolling more often... He still has yet to master rolling from his tummy to his back, but he's great at rolling from his back to his tummy... He loves to sit up by himself and play in his exersaucer... And he's mastered taking his pacifier out of his mouth and putting it back in- not always the right way as you'll see below!! It's just so much fun watching him change and grow each and every day.... Enjoy the pictures!Loving the sprayer during his bath... I know it seems silly that we're still doing his bath in the kitchen, but it's much easier for us to reach him better and he likes it much better than being down in the bathtub.... He loves his new duckie tub!
Smiley boy!!
Happy Baby!
Reading- and yes the book is upside down!!
There's the tummy!
I loved this smile :) Isn't he just sooo adorable???
Here he is playing with his pacifier and turning it upside down... I think it feels good on his gums to chew on the plastic part.... Still no teeth yet...... We keep waiting for them to pop through!!!


  1. Love the new photos...he's got some hair! =) Hope you're doing well!

  2. Ashley - your little one is just precious! seriously, those blue eyes and that smile would just kill me every day!! you are truly blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy :) so happy for you both :)