Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone out in Bloggerland! We hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating our risen Lord!! Evan woke up and discovered the Easter Bunny had been at our house.... Then we went to church and came home so Evan could get in a small morning nap before we went to Grandma Jean and Grandpa Dave's house for Easter dinner with all of the Bakers... As usual, we had a great time with family (lots of laughs!) and lots of delicious foods... Then we headed to Grandma Beth and Grandpa Clark's house to see what the Easter Bunny had left there.... Evan got some Easter Bunny ears (you'll see in the pictures below)... He looked soo cute- but I must say his dad was not too fond of them.. This will definitely be the only year Drew will let us put those on him!! All in all we had a super day.... We treasure our time with family soo soo much!

Helping Daddy on the computer!
The new "cheesy smile" we're seeing more and more often!
All dressed up in his Easter best! Who would have thought that he'd have to wear long sleeves and a sweater vest on Easter??? It was a chilly day here!!
His Easter Basket at our house...
I can just imagine him thinking- "Kramer, this is MY EASTER BASKET!!"
His Easter Basket at Grammy and Grampy's house- along with his bunny ears....
Our little wide-eyed Easter Bunny!
Our smiley Easter Bunny!!!

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  1. oh how cute he is. I am glad you had a great first Easter, Evan. I can't believe How big you are getting. He won't be a little baby too much longer.