Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pictures of our Little Munchkin!

Okay, Okay... I've been reprimanded by several of you for no new pictures... The good news is we've just recently gotten a better internet service at our house, so I'll be updating more regularly...

Well, our little Evan continues to grow and change each and every day.... Here are some fun new facts:

-He has discovered his tongue and his voice... In the past few days, he has been "squealing" at the top of his lungs (and I must say- it's a little annoying)... He's even doing it some in the middle of the night now when he wakes up.. It's not necessarily a mad voice, just letting us know that he knows how to use his vocal chords!!
-He is loving his Bumbo seat....He loves to move from room to room with me throughout the day and watch me from his Bumbo seat... He doesn't like for me to get out of his sight too much anymore...He doesn't want to miss out on anything!
-He's wearing mostly all 12 month clothes now and he's only about 5 1/2 months old!! He's a little chunker! We'll be going to the doctor within the next week and a half to find out how much he weighs!
-He's loving his pacifier much more (which we are pleased about because that means he isn't munching on his hands and fingers- the pacifier will be much easier to take away)....
-He's sitting up pretty much all on his own now and likes to stand up (with some help in steadying himself of course).
-He LOVES to watch his Praise Baby DVD. It's often our last resort when nothing else will make him happy!
-He loves to read books and sing songs... We have so much fun during the day playing together!!
-He loves it when his Daddy comes through the door at lunch time or after work.. It's so much fun to see his face light up when he hears Drew's voice...
-He's loving all of his vegetables although green beans weren't really his favorite... He's become quite the little eater with a spoon.. We weren't sure for awhile, but he's really caught on to it..

And now for the pictures....

I just love how snuggly he is in his jammies right before bed!
Such a big boy sitting up all by himself!!
He can stand up!!

His church outfit... We had already taken his navy blue blazer off by this time...
Playing with his tongue!!
Our Happy Baby!
There's the tongue again!
I love this picture... He's laughing and sticking his tongue out all at the same time....
Here's his little half smile that he's been giving us more often lately!!
Such a big boy!!


  1. Such a squeezable-looking little man. Love the updates!

  2. Thanks for the updates and new pics! He's getting so big Ash! Don't you just love to squeeze them right after their bath when they smell so good and look so soft and cozy?!