Saturday, January 26, 2008


Our little man is officially 5 months old already! It's so hard to believe he's been in our lives that long! Sometimes it seems like we were just leaving the hospital, and other times it's hard to remember what our lives were like "before Evan".... We're loving every minute of this little guy!! Enjoy our latest pictures!The monthly picture in his crib...
There's a half smile...
I loved this picture. He's still not a huge fan of tummy time, but he's doing much better!!
This tummy time can wear a little guy out!!
Laughing on mommy and daddy's bed one morning....
He's sitting all by himself!!
Loving his little lion....
All bundled up and ready to go!
This is not funny guys!! Get me out of this thing!!!
Such a big man in his polo shirt!
Trying out his new big boy jammies...
First attempt at vegetables... He wasn't too sure at first!
Doing great with the sweet potatoes... We decided to give veggies a try since the attempts at rice cereal weren't improving.. He's doing much better with the veggies... It must have just been the texture or taste of the cereal that he didn't like!!!


  1. Have I mentioned lately how adorable he is? Let's hope I have a girl so she can snatch him up.

  2. Ashley, It has been a while since you last posted. I want to see pics of Evan. He is so cute and I bet growing up each day. Miss you