Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day to my two Valentines!!  This first picture was taken on our "babymoon" in Las Vegas (when I was pregnant)...  It's pretty sad that the best picture I could find of Drew and I together was from April of last year!!  I guess our picture priorities have changed a little since Evan was born....I just took the second picture of our little Evan a couple of days ago.. I thought it was appropriate for a Valentines Day post since he was wearing red...  Drew surprised me with the Longaberger Sweetheart Basket this morning even though we agreed not to buy each other anything this year...  I guess I didn't listen either though- I made him a calendar for his desk with pictures of Evan each month...  And then we're celebrating with a date night tomorrow night...  We treasure those nights all the more since they don't happen as often with Evan!!  


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Bakers!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Drew, Ashley, and Evan!! We love you guys and miss you lots!!