Friday, August 17, 2012

Oops... I've done it again!

Well.... it looks like I've let this blog go by the wayside again!  Life just always seems to get too crazy to keep on top of this!  I have actually taken a ton of pictures in the last couple of weeks and instead of doing crazy picture overload, I decided to just focus on little Miss Zoe this week.  I haven't been doing too well with keeping up with their scrapbooks and baby books lately (such is life with 2 kids!) and I wanted to document each of my littles and what they are up to right now mostly for my own memories...  Evan's turn will be next week (when we celebrate his 5th birthday- how is this possible?!)  We have been keeping busy with end of summer activities and crossing things off the to-do list with the house lately.  Life is good, but crazy and overwhelming at times for sure!  Both of my little people bring so much joy to my life, but both like to test me in their own ways too.  Little Zoe is just so bubbly and full of energy, but has also started to show us more and more her flair for the dramatic and her stubborn streak when she doesn't get her way.  It's pretty much just super cute at this age, but we'll see what we think about that when she gets a little older ;)

She instantly goes into "cheese" mode when my camera or phone is pointed at her for a picture.  Super cute.
 And this picture pretty much summarizes 2 of her favorite things- her "nee-nee" aka rocking horse and ELMO.  The girl LOVES horses and all things Sesame Street and Elmo.  Remember that stubborn streak and flair for the dramatic I just mentioned?  Well, Elmo is usually at the source of this behavior-she loves watching Elmo, but just HATES to see it end.  Elmo always ends with a little tantrum.  Life is rough I tell ya!
 Dancing- another favorite...  She loves music..  And as you can see, she loves to put on her own shoes (she has 2 different ones on in this picture).  Love this independent little girl :) She has now started saying "I do it" for lots of things when we try and help her.   
 Bubbles- another favorite.  She could literally play bubbles for hours. 
Dress up- another favorite :)
 Laying in mom and dad's bed scrolling through pictures and videos..another favorite of hers.  She loves looking at pictures of friends and family and pointing out who everyone is.  So crazy to think that this time last year, she was sitting in an orphanage waiting on a family and now delights in pointing out all her family members in pictures.  We've come a long way!! And let me tell you- this one year old knows how to work an Iphone!
 Talking and playing with cousin Blake!
 Just a little evidence of the temper tantrums and her flair for the dramatic.  For those of you who didn't believe me!
 Working outside! And so serious about it!
Zoe and her little boyfriend Liam cheering on Evan's soccer team.  Drew is coaching an Upwards soccer team with 2 other dads (close friends of ours) and 6 of the kids on their team are from our church.  It's going to be a great season.  Go team Armenia!
And... just to include big brother...  here are my 2 little loves reading together.  I need this photo evidence to remind me on certain days (like today) that they do have their moments of getting along beautifully! 

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for an update on what Evan is up to next week!!

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