Monday, July 16, 2012

Playdates and Amish Zoos!

This summer is just flying by much too quickly! We are having so much fun and keeping very busy!  One of my favorite parts of Zoe's adoption is all of the new people we have met and the friendships that we have formed with people who share our love for adoption.  Our friends, Jon and Amy, came over last week for dinner with their little Ethiopian beauties Jada and Adia.  This sweet family will soon be moving to Ethiopia to work as missionaries.  I'm sure they would treasure your prayers as they fundraise and transition towards living in Ethiopia.  Evan and Zoe had so much fun playing with them!

This was the best picture we could get of the 2 kiddos.  HILARIOUS!
Hugging Jada!
Hugging Adia!
Sweet sleeping baby...  Last year at this time I longed to watch her sleep in her comfy bed and now I can anytime I want to!  Thank you God!
My parents asked the kids and I to go to a local zoo one day last week with them.  It is run by an Amish family and was such a neat place!  They have lots of large animals and you can get so much closer to them there than at a bigger zoo.  It was a great day and the kids enjoyed it so much. 

This little pig was literally born just hours before and the owner let the kids pet it.  So fun!
Zoe loved petting the baby deer.  :)
Feeding the goats.  She just couldn't get enough- and her bravery gave my timid little Evan the courage to try it too!
Petting a baby skunk :)
Evan practiced his cow milking skills...  

I guess that's all for now...  Happy summer everyone!!

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