Saturday, August 25, 2012

And....he's 5!

  My baby boy turns 5 years old today!  How is this possible?!?  Oh how we love this silly, happy, stubborn, loving, strong-willed, and tender-hearted little boy!  Here are some of his favorite things lately in pictures...
He is LOVING playing soccer.  Drew and a couple of other dads from our church are coaching together and Evan has lots of his little friends on his team.  It's been so fun!  Go team Armenia!
He still loves all things music and LOVES to perform and be silly...  Love this about him!

Singing for his sister- He made his microphone out of blocks- he has quite the imagination!!

Squeezing on his sister- he's a great big brother!

Smiles first thing in the morning while he's waiting for his breakfast :)  His monkey Sasquatch (in the lower left corner) is still his favorite and he still sleeps with him....

Playing outside- he loves to ride his scooter and bike! 

Oh my goodness- what a handsome little guy!  Hard to believe he will be starting his LAST year of preschool in a couple of weeks....  Bittersweet for sure.. 

Classic Evan smile :) 

Coloring with Zoe..  he's great at including her  (most of the time anyways!)

My little pirate!  We used this picture for his birthday party invitations! 

Devotions with Coach/Pastor Tyler at soccer practice.  I love that the Upwards soccer program includes Biblical teaching and values in all they do... 

Still loves Cub Cadet rides with Papa- only now he actually knows how to drive (with Papa riding too of course)!

Reading to Zoe and cousin Blake...  
This guy can be such a challenge at times (he gets his strong-willed personality from me and he knows exactly how to push my buttons!), but oh how I love him.  The past 5 years have been amazing and we can't wait to see how he continues to grow and develop into the person God has created him to be!  We love you E! HAPPY 5 YEARS!

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