Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crazy Pins and Pirate Party!

The birthday celebrations are over!  Until October when we celebrate little Miss Z's big day!  Evan had a great time celebrating his 5th birthday.  We went to Crazy Pins on his actual birthday to celebrate and then had his party the next day. He quickly figured out that having his party on a different day than his actual birthday meant 2 days to celebrate!
 Having a blast :)
 Serious about his arcade games!
Loving all the birthday attention :)
Cake batter pancakes for his birthday breakfast!  These may become an annual tradition- the kids loved them!
 Waking up to see the house all decorated!
 New scooter!
 New superhero cape!
He invited his closest 4 friends to his party- so much fun!
 Blowing out the candles!
 The lineup of kiddos- Zoe is in the middle, but too small to see :)
 He's 5!
All ready for the party! 
So thankful for this little guy and the joy he has brought into our lives in the past 5 years!

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