Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update in pictures!

Ok, so I know I am majorly slacking in the blog department lately.  We have just been having so much fun this summer that it's all I can do to keep up with the basic housework chores...  and the blog is put on the back burner...  so here is our last couple of weeks in pictures...

Playdate with friends- Zoe LOVED the sandpile...I had to dunk her in the lake to get all the sand off!
We watched the fireworks with friends- so fun!!
Happy girl!
Loving her first fireworks experience....  this year she is an American!
Swimming at the neighborhood pool- the kids LOVE it and we spend lots of time there!!
Crazy girl- she loves to play dress up and this is how I found her one morning!
Loving the swing!
Evan and his cousin, Ty...  2 handsome guys!
Zoe loves her cousin Hailey!
More cousin fun- we got to watch baby Blake one night!
3 generations of Baker boys- love love love this picture!
Getting ready to ride in the pod to the top of the St. Louis arch!
The view from the top!!  Beautiful, but I'm very glad I wasn't the one up there taking this picture!
My 2 littles...  :)
Zoe and Dane dancing at Kevin and Amanda's wedding.  It was soo cute!
She is just so full of joy!  
Little man being silly at the wedding reception...   

Ok, so I will try not to wait so long before posting next time!!  Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are!!  It's going so fast!! 

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