Monday, June 11, 2012

Our little patient is healing, thank goodness.  She continues to amaze us.  Kids are resilient.  Although she isn't in much pain anymore, her wounds still don't look great.  The doctor said it could take up to a year for her pigment to come back completely, if it ever does.  Thank you all for the prayers and get well wishes!  We've been soo busy the last couple of weeks!  We have had cookouts with family and friends, trips to the neighborhood pool (which we are LOVING!), picnics, playdates, played outside a lot, done some painting and organizing in our new home, been to the zoo, and more.  Just typing all of that makes me tired!  The summer makes me extra thankful for a husband who values my time at home and works so hard so that I can stay home with our littles.  I know it isn't for everyone (and some days I do wonder if it's for ME), but I really do treasure each and every moment with these 2 precious little ones.  Friends, please feel free to remind me of these words when I am having those days when I struggle as a stay-at-home mom!  Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks...
Caught standing on Evan's tool box- and cheesing it up :)

Coloring- one of their favorite things recently...
Love this smile :)
Fell asleep reading during rest time- summers wear a guy out!
Just too cute not to post...  Looking so adorable in her swimsuit...
First time swimming at grandma and grandpa's house- and LOVED it!
Love these 2!

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