Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ahhh.....  finally!  A chance to catch my breath a little while the kiddos nap!  Today is the first day I haven't had a list a mile long of things I need to get accomplished and phone calls I need to make while the kiddos are asleep! We are moved!  And in the last few weeks so much has happened along with that!  Drew had a surprise 30th birthday party for me the day we closed on our new house AT the new house! It was so much fun to have so many people we love in our new home and lots and lots of kids running around and playing.  We had Zoe's dedication at church the day after we moved and lots of family came back to our house after that.  And then TODAY I became an aunt again!  My sister and her husband had their first baby this morning.   Baby Blake is soo precious and sweet..we went and visited when he was only a couple of hours new and oh how I fell in love.  As much fun as we've had in the last few weeks, we are anxious for things to slow down a little now that we are pretty much finished with the unpacking and are starting to get settled into our new home.  The kids have adjusted so well and we are really enjoying living closer to Drew's work and our church.  So... I finally got my pictures uploaded from my camera and I will warn you that this will be picture overload!

 Evan camped out in his room a week or so before our move after we took down his bunk beds.  He LOVED it.  And Zoe did too- who knew that playing on a mattress on the floor was SOO much fun?!?
This moving and packing stuff wears a guy out.  This was where I found him during his rest time- he fell asleep in the middle of playing!
 Our first outside walk of the season- hard to believe that was just a couple of weeks ago.  Now we are playing outside in summer clothes!
 She LOVES momma's phone!  The little turkey has even figured out how to unlock it!  She is as mischevious as they come!
 Playing peek-a-boo in the new house! 
 We can finally play outside in the FRONT of our house now!  I never let the kids do that before since we lived on a busy street, but now we live in an addition with lots of little kids and it's been great!  Evan has already made a few friends and we have already taken several walks through the neighborhood!
 First bath in the new house! 
 Such a happy girl!
 Meeting baby Blake for the first time.  Such a cutie!  Evan just couldn't get enough of him and was so upset when we left the hospital!
HUGE yawn!
So happy he's finally here!!

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