Wednesday, March 28, 2012

17 Months Old and 5 Months Home!

So hard to believe that this little girl

turned 17 months old yesterday and has been home with us for 5 whole months!
She seriously NEVER stops smiling or giggling- that is until she starts throwing her little tantrums and showing us her attitude!  Right now her attitude is just pure cuteness- not so sure what we will be saying about it in the months and years to come!
She still LOVES her big brother and does anything he does (which isn't always a good thing!).  They are both adjusting to our new home so very well.
And they play so well together these days.  Who knew that a HUGE pile of toys behind the couch could be soo much fun?!?
Can't believe this little princess has been with us for only 5 months- she couldn't fit into our family any more perfectly.  It's hard to imagine what life was like before she came home.  So thankful for BOTH of my littles and the joy they bring to our lives!  Happy 17 months baby girl!!

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