Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Step Closer!

We just got the call this afternoon that we've been waiting for- Our file has been submitted to the US Embassy!  Now we just pray for a super quick turnaround and that they don't ask for additional documents (although this seems to be the trend now..).  As soon as we get the email that we've been approved, then we can plan our travel dates and schedule our interview with them.  Hooray!!  Oh how I hope this means we will be traveling yet this month...  I miss my sweet baby girl more than words can describe! 


  1. Hi - I saw from your timeline that you switched agencies. I'm considering the agency you switched to, and I would love to get some feedback from families. If you wouldn't mind, could you please email me at lindsay byers at gmail dot com? I would appreciate your honest opinion and any advice you have.

  2. That's such great news...hoping you get to travel to her soon!