Friday, August 26, 2011

And just like that- HE'S FOUR!

We celebrated Evan's 4th birthday yesterday!  We had a great day celebrating this sweet boy's 4 years...Drew and I feel soo incredibly lucky to have the privilege of being this amazing little guy's parents.  He truly is a joy.  He woke up SO EXCITED knowing that FINALLY it was his birthday :)  He walked out to the family room to find it all decorated and got to open one of his gifts before Drew left for work....
waiting oh so patiently to rip into the paper....
and he LOVES it!  No surprise there- this guys LOVES tractors :)
What a sweet little smile :)
Our family- missing one special little baby girl.  Oh how we wish you could have celebrated with us Zoe!
Just blew out the candles- ready to dive into that tractor cake!

I will save the adoption updates (or lack of updates) for another post...I want this post to be happy despite the fact that we are continuing to experience more delays with the US Embassy.  PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING ZOE IS HOME SOON!!


  1. Thinking of you and wishing you get good news soon. Happy birthday to your little man!