Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go Irish!!

Nothing much new here....  We've been enjoying this beautiful weather and are spending lots of time outside.  Drew is excited about football season and hopeful for Notre Dame's season.  I am excited about bonfires, sweatshirts, pumpkin flavored foods, and all the other fun things of fall.  And Evan is just loving life and soaking up every bit of the outside before the weather turns cold.  He  is also really into riding his bike right now and we have been amazed at how well he's doing with pedaling and steering all by himself.  As far as adoption updates- We are still waiting for our homestudy to be completed.  We received our first draft today and hopefully will have it completed very quickly.  Then we have a couple more papers to gather to complete our dossier paperwork and one important paper to  file with the US gov't (that could take 1-2 months to get back) and then we can submit our completed dossier  to HOLT (our adoption agency).  Once that is approved, we will be officially waiting!  Thanks for all the prayers and support- it means more than you know!
He loves his momma!!
Kisses from the little man- nothing better than that!!
Watching the ACD parade in Auburn this past weekend.  All dressed up in our ND gear for the big game!!

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