Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swimming, Tractor Parade, and the Zoo!!

Well, it has been soo hot around here lately! Evan and I have tried to keep busy during the days while also keeping cool! I try to plan some kind of outing every day for us and our schedule has been busy lately!. But that's the way we like it!

Rob, Hailey and Ty visited from Chicago last weekend. Evan enjoyed swimming with them. Ty diving for Grandpa's toes...
Evan driving the "John Deere Green" out in the cul-de-sac. This year he can even pedal and steer all by himself!!
Evan has turned into quite the little fish this summer... Now he can swim all on his own (with a life jacket and supervision of course)!! It's amazing the difference a year can make!
We also went to a tractor parade last weekend. Where else but in Indiana?!? Evan LOVED it!! We even timed it right so that we caught it during their lunch break and Evan got to sit on a couple of them. He's looking forward to all the tractors at our fair this next week :)
Evan and Daddy...
My boys sittin on the tractor...

We also managed to make a trip to the zoo last week with Evan's best buddy Ryan and his nanny... These boys are so fun together :)
Evan mid-ride on the carousel!!
Loving the pony ride!!
Happy boy!!
This was as close to a posed shot that we could get... These guys are so active!!
Playing on the train..
Ryan on the ponies..
Evan trying to crawl up on the frog...
The 2 little engineers of Little Poof...
Evan in the kangaroo's pouch....

Stay tuned for some new and exciting things in the Baker household!!

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