Monday, June 28, 2010

A little bit of everything- from sprinklers to airplanes!

Evan checking out his banana peppers with Papa in their garden.. he carried that silly pepper (or pepperoni as he calls it) around the house with him for several days and even asked to sleep with it.. silly boy!
He's come a long way... From not liking water in his face and being scared to get close to the sprinkler to LOVING it... he's been a treat this summer :)
Down the slide right into the sprinkler :)
Big man!
We had a playdate with one of my best friends from high school. She has 3 kids- and she has her hands full! Little baby Eva is only 2 months old and Evan was FASCINATED by her. He wanted to watch her and hold her the entire time they were here. He still can't stop talking about her... It was too precious :)

More of Evan and Evie... I love how his little hand is just wrapped around her shoulder. He was so gentle with her and started singing to her when he was holding her. Melted my heart..
Our airport was having a special day last weekend and we went out to watch the festivities. Evan wasn't too sure about the loud noises at first but he warmed up quickly.

Daddy and E by one of the planes...

Evan is attending a couple weeks of summer camp at Oak Farm Montessori School. This was his first day of camp (school). He was so excited and he's done wonderful. I'm so proud of him.. and sad that he's growing up so quick!
Celebrating Grandpa's birthday... Evan LOVES to sing happy birthday so Charna got out some leftover goodies for us to use as birthday cake :)

Evan on his first pontoon ride at Aunt Laura and Uncle John's. He wasn't too sure at first (as he is with most things), but he LOVED it by the end and did not want to leave... the first of many pontoon rides I'm sure!
Sitting on the ladder with Aunt Laura watching as the older boys swim...
Getting brave with Aunt Laura and Daddy...

This was Laura after Drew tipped her raft over (Evan was already off the raft)... Oh brotherly love :)

A visit from the Hitchcocks.... Evan and Elias being goofy :) We had so much fun- just wish they could have stayed longer... We'll have to make more of an effort to get together with them now since they're moving even farther away :( But we're so excited for them and the opportunities they will have with Todd's new job...
These guys were wild! But they had so much fun and played so well together :)
Trisha and Adeline... LOVE this picture :) What a cutie!
We had a picnic and played at the park before they left. Great day- just wish it could have lasted longer!

So this is what we've been up to these last couple of weeks.....

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