Friday, July 30, 2010


Drew and Evan surprised me a couple of nights ago with a necklace in the shape of Africa.  Now I can easily remember to pray for our little girl...  I look forward to wearing it as we start this long and emotional journey to our daughter.  What an awesome way to keep the "end" in mind as we are swimming in paperwork and dealing with all the details of getting our dossier and homestudy ready.  Drew and I have been discussing lately how crazy it is to think that she may be born already or her birth mom may be carrying her right now...  Makes me so emotional everytime I think about it...

This is the bracelet Drew gave  me in the recovery room after Evan was born...  It's a good thing we were already 100% set on his name before he was born!  I think it's so special that I have something to wear as a reminder of each of our children...  What a thoughtful husband I have!

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  1. Love the necklace. So cool that it has a heart in it. I can wait to meet your precious daughter in the future. She will even more blessed with coming into a Godly family such as yours. I can't wait to buy you a cute girly outfit. Hahah. Lucky you. ;) And the bracelet is very pretty. Laura Baker got me one of those somewhat similar with Carter and Savannah's name on it. I don't think there is room to add Jordan and Judah though, LOL.