Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Professional Wedding Pictures!!

Well... the professional pictures from John and Laura's wedding are FINALLY here! There were about 600 of them and they turned out great... Here are just some of my favorites (in reverse order because I didn't want to spend tons of time switching them around):

Dancing, dancing and more dancing :)
This guy loves his aunt Laura :)
LOVE this picture!! I didn't even know the photographer took this picture...He was soo tired... I don't think he has ever stayed up so late... But bless his little heart, he was having so much fun :)
Father/daughter dance...
Love this picture... They look so happy :)
Cutting the yummy cake!
Love this one... so creative!
We stopped for some pictures in between the ceremony and reception on the caboose of a train.... It was FREEZING...
Aunt Laura and Uncle John with E....
Our happy family!

I just love squeezing this little guy!
After the ceremony- the hard part was over... Now it's time for fun!
Love this picture!
I think his mouth was full of Skittles... Thank heavens for Skittles... He was quiet and still during the whole ceremony :)
During the ceremony...
My 2 guys walking my mom down the aisle...
The beautiful bride and all the bridesmaids :)
This picture looks like it should be in a magazine!
Getting her all tied up in the back!
Makeup time!

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