Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend in Chicago!

Saturday morning we left for Chicago to see friends and family and watch Hailey (our niece) play in a softball tournament.... We stopped at the hotel first and hung out a little with Rob and Ty (Drew's brother and nephew) and then drove to Dan and Renee's house (Dan is a friend of Drew's from Taylor University) for lunch. I got to snuggle their 3-month old daughter, Taylor, and they fixed a delicious lunch for us. It was great catching up with friends and laughing together... We only wish we were able to see each other more often!! Then we headed back to the hotel so Evan could take a nap-I stayed with Evan and Drew left to see Hailey's first game. After her game, everyone came back to the hotel for a couple hours before we left again for another game in the evening. After the second game, we came back to the hotel and ate a delicious Maggiano's meal and spent more time together. Then Sunday morning, Drew, Evan and I ate breakfast at Einstein Bagels before everyone else woke up. When we got back to the hotel, the kids swam a little bit before we left for the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville... Brad and Cal surprised everyone by meeting us for the day.. We ate lunch and then headed back to the ball diamonds.. Hailey had another 2 games on Sunday and her team won the tournament!! It was so much fun spending time with everyone and Evan had a blast playing with his cousins... Here are some pictures from our weekend....

Sitting with Hailey :)
Walking into the hotel with Hailey...
Running around the ball diamonds with Ty.... He was so hot and sweaty from running! We had no issues with him sleeping well- he was so worn out he just crashed!
Chasing Ty- they had so much fun chasing each other....
Can you tell Evan looks up to Ty?? He imitated EVERYTHING Ty did this weekend!Father's Day breakfast at Einstein Bagels...Evan eating breakfast in his jammies :)
Playing by the pool with CARS- what else??
This boy is spoiled- he got so many new cars this weekend thanks to Dan and Renee and Aunt Laura!
Swimming with Daddy and Hailey at the hotel...Walking on the riverwalk in Naperville.... It was sooo beautiful!
Feeding the ducks...
Rob, Hailey and Ty on Father's Day!Group picture at the Riverwalk.... What a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Hey Ashley! Cute pics! What does your dad think about Evan in IU apparel?!?! :)