Monday, June 15, 2009


Drew took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off work last week so we had 5 days to spend together as a family. It was sooo much fun!! We did lots of fun things, but also managed to get lots of things done around the house too... It was hard to get back into the swing of things this morning- Evan did NOT want Daddy to leave for work!! We ripped out all the landscaping in our front yard and basically started over... We are pretty much done with the exception of hauling another 4-5 truckloads of stone... Lots of hard work, but we're happy with the way it has turned out!! Then it's time to tackle the backyard- but that may have to wait until next summer!!
Playing with the hose..
Daddy and Evan taking a break in landscaping to play a little bit!!
Drew hard at work on the landscaping! I'll post some pictures of the finished product when we're all done...
Evan playing at his water table while we were landscaping.. Notice his wheelbarrow and tools- he was "helping"!!
Our first Chuck-E-Cheese experience... Evan loved the pizza, but was a little timid about trying any of the rides... I think we'll have to wait awhile before we try that again... Talk about sensory overload (for both Evan and us)!!
My boys being goofy at Chuck-E-Cheese...
Evan and I went over to Jaren and Addie's house this afternoon and hung out at the pool and took a walk.... This is Evan eating a snack beside the pool this afternoon....
Isn't he so handsome???
My little man standing by the pool....

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