Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, we took so many pictures on Easter and I had trouble choosing, so here they are!!
Evan's Easter basket from the Easter bunny ;)
Full of all kinds of goodies!!
Here he is with his new Elmo Live from Gramma Charna and Grampa Brad.... This is how I found him one morning when I came back into the family room.... He was reading to him!!
Squeezing Elmo....
Touching Elmo's foot to make him talk!
I don't think this picture was from Easter, but I thought it was cute!!
Where are all the eggs??
Sitting in his new lawn chair!!
Practicing his putting skills with Daddy at Papa and Ma's house....
I love the smile on his face in this one!!
All ready to leave for the Baker get-together....
Searching for eggs at our house :)
Basket full of eggs....
Trying to open it up and get the M&M out!
I love how he is carrying his basket in this one!!
Eating the "M"...

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