Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Drew's test is over!! To say Sunday was an enjoyable day is quite the understatement... We were all so happy to be a normal family again... Drew was pretty happy with how the test went this year, so we're praying that he passed! We'll find out the results in mid-August.. I'm so proud of him.. He has worked SOOO hard for the last 4-5 months and never once complained about all of the things he has missed and sacrificed.. I'm so blessed to have a husband who works so hard to provide for our family :)

I haven't taken too many pictures of the munchkin in the last couple of days, but here are a couple for those of you who have been asking for more pictures (you know who you are!!).... We are planning on taking Evan swimming for the first time tonight at Grampa Brad's and Gramma Charna's house....So we'll see how that goes... Drew's brother and kids are visiting for a couple of days, so I'll try to take lots of pictures tonight....

Laughing at mommy!! She's so funny :)
Sitting on the swing at the park... We've been walking to the park everyday... So fun!
His new hat that protects his bald head from the sun :)
Watching all the big kids playing at the playground....

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  1. Congratulations, Drew! I had no doubt you would pass and excel!