Friday, June 20, 2008

Exciting News!

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted. Our little man has been a little out of sorts in the past week or so. He was terribly crabby and fussy. We finally figured out it was a combination of an ear infection and teeth!! Not a good combo. Thankfully, the last few days have been much better (for all of us) now that he's on medicine. I think the new teeth will be popping through in the next couple of days, so I'll have to post pictures when they do.

And for our exciting news- We are moving!! We sold our house and have found a new one. The ironic thing is that neither house were even listed for sale- they didn't even have signs in the yards. We just had someone contact us and ask to come look at our house. We told her that she was welcome to come look at it, although we weren't sure we would be selling. She ended up wanting to buy our house and we heard about a couple that was going to be listing their house in the next few weeks and gave them a call. The house is about the same size as ours now, except it has a full walkout basement. It's VERY close to my parent's house (actually the backyards meet up). We're very excited, but a little overwhelmed with all of the stress that comes with moving. We have some projects ahead of us, as this new house will need some updating and a little love. We have no doubt that this was definitely a God thing so we're very excited!! We would appreciate your prayers as we will be very busy in the next month! It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated in the 4 years we have been married!!

Evan with his tree at 9 1/2 months- he's bigger than the tree now!!
We've already planned to take his tree with us to the new house!
Playing in his toy basket!
Bath time- notice his first tattoo! Drew's Aunt Brenda put it on him at the Baker family Father's Day party...
Riding his new car from Aunt Laura, Uncle Rob, Hailey and Ty!! He loves it!
Books, books, books... What more could a guy ask for??
BIG SMILE!! Look at those teeth :)


  1. I LOVE that last picture of Evan...what a sweetheart! Congrats again on the house...we are so excited for you and will continue to pray as these next couple of months may be a little crazy. We love you and miss you all!

  2. Congrats on the house, Bakers! :) We will keep you in our prayers as you move in and take all your stuff and memories along with you... Evan is growing to be such a handsome little man! Can't believe we have never even got the boys together.... :( we need to!

  3. Natalie told me today at church about your move! What a blessing! I bet your parents are so happy that their little guy will be just a few steps away. If you need help moving, let us know. We have a truck.

  4. How exciting how this all worked out!! God is good! I am excited to see pictures. Good luck getting everything packed up and moving! We will have to talk soon to hear more details!!! :)

  5. I hope you're staying sane in all the packing craziness. =) How neat that you get a scrapbooking room in the new! We look forward to seeing you soon! When is moving day?

  6. Ashley, we put our house up for sale this week. And our office. Wanting to relocate in Fort Wayne and possibly combine the house and office. Exciting but scarey at the same time. Trusting God to lead and guide us.