Monday, May 19, 2008

Our little munchkin...

Evan continues to change and grow each day... He is starting to get more of a personality and we aren't seeing as many "grumpy " times throughout the day anymore... He's into a more routine napping/sleeping schedule, and I think that's helping him be more happy throughout the day... We take walks outside every afternoon that the weather is nice and usually stop at the park to play a little bit... He is loving being outside! His doctor gave us the okay to start feeding him finger foods whenever we think he's ready, so we may start introducing some fruits and veggies soon... But he really seems to be doing fine with the pureed food for now, so we may wait a month or so to try finger foods... He is doing soo much better with the little Gerber puffs (cereal pieces) now.. His pincer grasp is definitely developed now and he holds his own sippy cup... He's growing up! It 's been so much fun watching him, but it makes me sad at the same time to see him growing out of all of the baby stages.... I have a couple of really cute videos, but for some reason I couldn't get them to upload... So we'll have to try that another time... His new favorite thing to do is read books... He gets all excited when you read to him and starts shaking his arms and laughing... It's hilarious! I'll have to keep trying to upload that video.... We hope all is well with everyone in bloggerland!! Here's some recent pictures of the little munchkin!Eating puffs in his "built for speed" turtle jammies :)
Playing with ducky...
Playing at Grammy and Grampy's house one night this week so we could get out of Drew's hair while he studies... Aren't those jammies adorable??? He's so squeezy in them!
Standing like a big boy!

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