Monday, May 5, 2008


We had a super weekend! Friday night we went out to dinner with Drew's parents (Evan went along and did great!)... Saturday morning, my mom, both grandmas, and I attended our annual Mother's Day luncheon at our church and had a great time.. Then we just played the rest of the day. Sunday morning after church we went out to breakfast again with Drew's parents and then went back to their house... While Evan took a nap, we went over to Baker's Fruit and Flower Farm and purchased our flowers for the summer and went back to their house to plant them... Our planter and hanging baskets turned out really nice.. I'll have to post pictures of them later... We're hoping we have better luck with our flowers this year- Drew and I weren't blessed with green thumbs!! And then when we got home, we took a walk to the park.... Overall it was a great weekend.... We love family time!!!
A picture from the Mothers Day Luncheon...
First time on the slide!!
What a happy boy!
He wasn't too sure, so I had to join him :)
Loving the swing!!
Helping mommy with laundry...
Some cuddle time before bed!!
Playing with his toes!!
My two boys before church on Sunday!!
Mommy and Evan before church!!

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