Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teething = Crabby Evan

We had a great weekend at the Baker household!! Drew and I had a date night on Saturday night (thanks to Grampa Clark and Grammy Beth for watching Evan). We went to the Olive Garden, did a little shopping, and then splurged and stopped at DeBrands for dessert on our way home. We had a great time and enjoyed the peace and quiet with the two of us, but we were glad to be back home with our little man. As of Monday, Evan is in the process of getting his first tooth and we've discovered that it makes for a very crabby Evan... I think he may also have gotten the cold that both Drew and I have had, which isn't helping matters any.... His poor little nose is runny and his eyes have been watery. The past two days and nights have been a little challenging around our house, but we're surviving!! It just breaks my heart that he's hurting and there's not much that comforts him.. But I guess that's all part of having a little guy and loving him sooo much!! I'll post pictures of Evan's tooth when we can actually see it as he smiles!!! Making up for the sleep he didn't get during the night!!!
I managed to get a little smile of of him!
I just noticed as I'm posting this that he has some baby food stuck to his face!! That's our messy boy!!

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  1. Well, no more wondering about when his first tooth will come in eh. I guess your hunch was right. He will be wolfing down Cherioes before you know it. :)