Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

We had a great weekend! We decided last minute on Friday to have a date night, so Grampa Brad, Gramma Charna and Uncle Cal came to stay with Evan... Drew and I went out to dinner and a movie and had a great time.... Evan had lots of fun too... Then on Saturday we went to Fort Wayne with Grampa Clark, Gramma Beth and Aunt Laura... We shopped a little and then ate dinner.. Evan did really well in his stroller, although he didn't get his afternoon nap in so we paid for it on Sunday!! Overall we had a great time with our families... I just love the weekends so much when Drew is home and we get to spend lots of quality family time together... Now if only the weather would get nicer!!!
We're seeing more and more smiles the older he gets!! I love it :)
I love the look on his face in this picture....
Watching his ball popper... He got this toy for Christmas from Uncle Rob, Aunt Laura, Hailey and Ty and we just put it together this week to see if he was interested in it yet... He enjoys watching the balls, but doesn't care too much about putting them back in yet!!
This was the best picture I could get showing his two new teeth. They're not all the way in yet, but they've popped through... We had some crabby days, but they're finally through the skin!
Silly smile :) If you look closely, you can see his dimples... I love it!
Looking all preppy in his sweater vest!
Riding the carousel at the Ft. Wayne mall with Grampy Clark... I think he actually enjoyed himself! I wasn't sure if he'd be scared or not, but he actually liked it :) At one point, he even grabbed onto the pole with both hands just like a big boy!
We didn't get any smiley pictures, but the carousel moved so fast it was hard to take any pictures at all.... He looked like such a big boy up there....

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