Monday, April 7, 2008

Evan's New Swing!

Evan has a new swing at Grampa Clark and Gramma Beth's house... They have big trees in their yard to hang one from and have been looking forward to buying one for him this spring... Our trees are just miniature, so that wasn't an option at our house... We tried it out yesterday since the weather was actually pretty nice... I think he's going to be a big fan of it this summer... I'm so happy the weather has been nice the past few days and we've been able to get outside and take walks with the stroller... We're looking forward to summertime at the Baker house!!Evan and Mommy taking a walk...
Evan's new swing!
Grampy pushing Evan...
The Ream girls swinging...


  1. Ashley, I miss you so much! I hope we can see each other soon. Evan is too cute. Jacob loves the outdoors. We can't wait for summer too.

  2. Aww, Evan looks so cozy in his new swing. By the way, I didn't mean to not RSVP to your invite from last Saturday Ash. We did have other plans though. A family from our church came over for supper that day and I needed to time clean the house and prepare food. I hope you had a great open house though! THanks again for the invite.

  3. Sweet pictures. Ashley, I am SOOO sorry that I didn't rsvp for the Longaberger party. I totally forgot. Please forgive me. I hope you do very well with the business.