Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're Back!!

I apologize for the lack of posting in the last couple of weeks... I've been reprimanded by several people that I need to be better about this (I won't name any names- PAT and LAURA).... :) We've all been passing around colds in our family, but thankfully we're all healthy and back to normal now... These last few weeks have been full of fun times with family and friends... And Evan continues to change and do new things each and every day.. Here are some fun stats about our little Evan:
-He's almost 5 months old already!
-He weighed 20 pounds, 8 ounces two weeks ago at the doctor's office
-He's starting to show preference to mommy and daddy and "puckers up" when someone else is holding him
-He's sleeping much better at night now- last night he slept for over 8 hours in one stretch!
-He's getting a little better with the rice cereal each night- but it's still not his favorite thing!
-He's starting to sit up really well with some help
-He loves to watch his Praise Baby and Baby Einstein DVDs
-He loves to read with mommy during the day!!
-He's starting to laugh and jabber a lot now!

So that's the latest with our family-- Here are some random pictures of what we've been up to!

Our little Evan at 4 Months Old!Evan's Cousin Ty when they came to visit over Christmas.. They were swimming at Aunt Alieta and Uncle Denny's pool... Isn't he stylin with those goggles???

Evan's cousins Hailey and Claire playing Mall Madness in between swimming!

Rob helping Ty with his stylin' goggles!
Daddy and Evan playing while everyone else was swimming!
Evan in the big boy bathtub for the first time- he wasn't too sure at first! Check out those rolls!
All ready for the big IU game! Go Hoosiers!
Nap time at the Baker house one afternoon.....
A more recent attempt at cereal.... :)
Mommy and Evan all ready for church!!
Hanging out on the couch...
Taking a ride around the house in his new stroller... I'm not sure who likes it more- Daddy or Evan!!
Playing in his crib in his Notre Dame jammies! Thanks Gramma Charna and Grampa Brad!!
Playing with his stuffed animal cow... He loves it!! (Thanks Nathan and Ruth!)
We had to laugh at this... We had turned Evan away from the tv because he just loves to watch it so much and we try to limit his amount of tv time each day- and this is what happened- his eyes are just glued to the tv!!! Drew was convinced he just wanted to watch the IU game, but I'm not so sure!!
Talking with his hands!
Trying on hats with daddy!!
His cute "Born Naughty" outfit from Gramma Beth and Grampa Clark- We love the outfit even though he's really not naughty!!

We hope all is well with your families!! I'll try to be better about updating this from now on!!!


  1. Great pictures Ashley!! I love that Jeep Stroller. I have wanted to get that brand for a while. And I love his All Star outfit. He is too cute. That tv watching picture is too funny. What a little stinker.

  2. Love those rolls!!
    Glad to hear all is well. He sure looks time I'm in town I might have to stop by and get some squeezes in!

    Take care!

  3. Oh my goodness I love that little boy! (even in his IU outfit!)

    Gramma B

  4. What a handsome fella! So glad you're enjoying motherhood. I can't wait to join you! =)


  5. Not that we have a lot of room to talk...but we are very thankful you decided to update your blog- we were getting impatient waiting to see how little Evan was growing. Looks like he's as cute as ever....

  6. Hi Drew and Ash! Been watching your blogs and in disbelief at how much Evan is growing and changing. You'd better watch out or he'll be rolling over to see that television, like it or not. (Especially if IU is playing, right Drew?) I'll try to drop in sometime soon before Evan learns to crawl. :)

    Shawn Flora