Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm back!!  Ok, so I'm not the greatest at keeping up with this blog now that I am busy keeping up with 2 little ones while trying to keep up with all the other things that go along with settling into a new home!! For all of you readers who have stuck with me through my drought in posts, here are the updates from our house in the last couple of weeks:

***I am now a minivan mom! I never would have thought I would be so excited to post that, but I LOVE it!
***Evan can now ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels and is doing great at it!!
***The laundry room project I mentioned in my last post is still underway (taking a little longer than anticipated), but I can tell I'm going to LOVE the finished product!  Pics to come when it's done!
***Zoe is a climber.  Nothing is off limits to her anymore.  I left the playroom a few days ago for just a minute only to come back and find her sitting on the bar stool peeking over the kitchen counter with the biggest grin on her face.  It was like she was saying "Look at me Mom!"  *Sigh*  This little girl and her latest tricks are a big reason why I can't keep up with things like my blog these days!  But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I think that's it for the *BIG* news at the Baker house....  Here are some pictures of the last couple of weeks!
The kids got this big cardboard house for Christmas and we just now got it out.  It was like Christmas morning all over again- I think I might do this with more of their gifts next year!
The big man riding his bike all by himself.  There wasn't much *learning* involved, he just took right off.  He must have been ready!
This girl has an obsession with getting herself stuck inside small spaces.  Several times I have tried to come to her rescue and she makes it very clear to me that she WANTS to be in there.  Crazy girl :)
Watching a little TV together.  Our kids don't watch much TV at all, so when they do it's a big treat :)
They LOVE baths together.  Does this momma's heart good to watch them giggle and play together.  Zoe LOVES to have water dumped on her head (which Evan has always HATED).  But he is more than happy to dump it onto her head.  And she keeps saying "More, More, More!" 
Just playing on her laptop! 

Ok, that's it for now!! Have a happy Thursday!!

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  1. They look beautiful and happy. :)
    God bless them!

    From an Ethiopian