Friday, April 13, 2012

And the long-awaited update with pictures!!

For all of you blog readers who have stuck with me through this busy season and my lack of posts, I apologize!  Things have been pretty crazy at our house.  I honestly don't know how working moms and moms of more than 2 kids do it!  We have officially closed on our old house, so we now only own 1 home which is a big relief and we are happy to be able to focus on some home improvement projects at our new house now.  Or I should say- I'm happy.  Not so sure about Drew (who will be doing most of the painting and home improvement projects)!  This weekend Drew and a friend are going to be building me some cabinetry and a bench in my laundry room.  I will be sure to post before and after pictures when they are all finished! My type-A personality just can't wait to have some organization in my laundry room/mud room!

 And here are some of the most recent pictures I've taken of the littles!

Zoe is famous for getting herself into trouble.  I quickly went to rescue her (after I took a pictures, of course) and she very clearly let me know that she did NOT want to be rescued.  She meant to get herself stuck in there and did it over and over again throughout the day.  Silly girl.

 Another one of newest tricks.  I tell ya- I can't turn my head for a minute.  And she has now become a master climber.  The couch, bar stools, and dining room table chairs are not off-limits for her anymore.... She keeps me on my toes for sure.

 But it's pretty hard to be mad at this sweet little face.  I just love her to pieces...

 Our kids have LOVED playing in the front yard and driveway on some of the nicer weather days we've had lately.  Playing in the driveway is a new thing for Evan since we lived on a busy road before and were never able to play in the front yard.  It's been so much fun!

Zoe LOVES watching Drew mow out her bedroom window...

Just another one of their favorite pastimes lately.  Zoe will climb in the wagon and say "HELP" to Evan.  And he is such a sweet boy for always running right over to her to pull her around.   Too cute.

 They both loved hunting for Easter eggs.  I think they had 3 egg hunts on Easter and loved every bit of it.  Zoe caught on real quickly and was so fun to watch. 

 My little Ethiopian princess in her Easter dress.   LOVE HER!

Checking out the contents of the eggs afterwards.  

We had a great time celebrating our Risen Savior this Easter season.  I pray you and your families did as well!

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