Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update in Pictures!

Things around here are kind of crazy lately with all the packing and preparations for the big move.  The kiddos are LOVING all the boxes laying around the house!  Here are a few pictures I've taken in the last couple of weeks...  ENJOY!
My little helper!
 She loves hanging out in the laundry room with the shoes- one of her FAVORITE things :)
 E is soo into Legos lately and he can pretty much do them all by himself!
 A little sibling love- these 2 are such blessings :)
 Another one of his favorite things as of late- his squinkies.... 
 Happy girl :)
 She LOVES to play in the boxes :)
 Who knew they could be so entertained with boxes?!?  I don't know why in the world we have all these toys around here!
 Climbing on boxes- you can't turn your back on her for a minute.  This girl can find trouble!
More climbing- trying to get her "deeee" (drink)!  

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  1. They are so sweet! I love all the hair bows, I've been making some trying to stay busy :)