Friday, February 3, 2012


WE ARE MOVING! Sorry for my absence from this blog in the past few weeks...  things have been C.R.A.Z.Y! And for those of you who didn't even know we had our house for sale and were shocked by this news, there is a reason!  It happened very quickly!  We have known a move closer to Drew's work and our church was in our future for quite some time, but decided to wait until Zoe's adoption was final because we would have had to re-do all of our paperwork if we moved in the middle of the adoption process.  Even though we knew it would be happening in the future, we didn't anticipate it happening QUITE SO SOON!  We have been watching the listings online for awhile and found one we liked and went to see it.  We decided we liked it so well that we would list our house for sale in hopes that we would sell ours before it sold.  While we were in the process of getting our house listed with our realtor, we found another house that had "just come on the market" and decided we wanted to look at it.  We LOVED it even more than the other one we had previously liked.  Here was our timeline:
  • Thursday:  signed paperwork with our realtor to list our house and found the BRAND NEW listing of a house we liked online
  • Friday:  looked at the new house and FELL.IN.LOVE and came home from there to see a For Sale sign in our yard
  • Saturday: 2 showings of our house (both to the same people)
  • Sunday:  an offer on our house and we put an offer on the new house (at the time we put in our offer, we found out there was already 1 other offer and there had been FIFTEEN showings of the house since it was listed Thursday- crazy in this economy!)
  • Monday: our house is "sold", we found out we were to put in our "best" offer on the new house in hopes of "outbidding" the other offer
  • Tuesday- put in our "best" offer
  • Wednesday:  found out we got the new house!
So....  things happened MUCH MUCH quicker than we anticipated and it's been a roller coaster of emotions for sure.  We should be pros at these "ups and downs" after just finishing an adoption process, but it was still hard for my Type-A personality to handle!  The way things worked out and fell in place could not be explained other than a GOD thing.  Definitely made us see that this was meant to be and all a part of His plan.  I seriously don't know why I ever doubt- GOD IS ALWAYS IN THE DETAILS- even when it's hard to see Him. We are very excited to move and be closer to Drew's work and our church and church activities/friends.  We will be able to spend more time together as a family and lots less time in the car driving back and forth.  But with that said, it will be hard to leave too (tears have definitely been shed).  We have loved living in this house and making memories together.  And we will miss being so close to all of our family and friends here.  But we know that this is God's plan for our family and we are excited for this new adventure!  Please be patient with me in the next few weeks- I'm not sure how often I will be posting as things are only going to get MORE crazy and we are buried in mountains of boxes, boxes, and more boxes!  

I've been pretty terrible at taking pictures the last few weeks... But for those of you wanting to see pictures of our 2 littles, here are a few I've taken to tide you over until next time...
 Always such a happy little girl...
 We haven't had much snow this winter, but Evan gets SO excited at any little bit on the ground and can't wait to go outside and help Daddy.  Zoe had a cold here, so I didn't really want her to be outside.  But she LOVED watching the boys from inside... I love how you can see all 3 of them in this picture- Daddy with the snowblower, E shoveling the sidewalk, and Zoe taking it all in...
  And of course, E had to come up to the door and say hi.  They even gave each other kisses through the glass, but I wasn't quick enough to get those on camera :)  Love these 2 so much! 

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