Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Our little town has a "Breakfast with Santa" every year.  It's a really neat thing- something that's been around for 28 years- Drew and I both went as kids way back when.  It is put on by the high school theatre and they all dress up as reindeer and animals and serve breakfast.  Santa comes and then everyone moves from the cafeteria down to the auditorium for a little show put on by the theatre kids- they usually do a fun little "12 days of Christmas" number and then what Evan calls the "Jesus show" about the Bible Story and a little sing-along.  We look forward to it every year- a very neat family tradition for us. 
Our little family- can't believe we were all looking at the camera!!
 This girl is serious about her food- she is now eating table food WONDERFULLY!  I'm amazed at the progress she's made in the past 7ish weeks.  You'd never know she'd only had a bottle until her first birthday with the way she is eating now.  And she LOVES pretty much any and all fruits and veggies... 

 She was looking pretty stinkin cute in her little Christmas tutu :)  And kind of a neat story- her little shoes were MY shoes from way back when... 
 Evan reading Santa his list.. he is REALLY hoping Santa remembers to bring him some blocks- this boy LOVES him some blocks!
 We finally got Zoe to look at the camera and then Santa wasn't looking!!
 We have taken a picture of Evan every year by these same snowmen...  I love comparing them :)
She loved roaming through the halls of the high school.  This girl is ON THE MOVE!

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