Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recent Happenings and Adoption Update...

We have been keeping busy around here...  Evan is pretty much back to normal now- been through a round of steroids and almost through his amoxicillin...  Praise the Lord for bubblegum medicine that he actually likes...  Trying to get him to take the steroid (cough medicine) was terrible- very stressful for both him and us! 
 I made digital mother's day cards this year for our moms and grandmas- this was one of the pictures on the card :)
 Helping Daddy mow the backyard...
 Lunch at Chipotle last week after his doctor's appointment...
 His new llama from Ma- she spoiled him after he was so brave at the doctor- he went twice last week and both times our doctor wasn't in- so he had to see 2 different doctors.  This was a big deal for E- he LOVES his Dr. Camille!  But he did so well both times..
 A visit to the zoo Mother's Day weekend-- my little hyena :)
 Sittin in the safari car..
 E and Drew planting flowers- they planted our hanging baskets for me and surprised me on Mother's Day with them.  So thankful I didn't have to worry about doing that this year!
 E and Momma on Mothers Day :)
 A playdate at the mall yesterday with Steph and Caleb- loving the carousel...
Happy about their Chick-fil-A!

As far as an adoption update:
We talked with our agency director last Friday and found out that a couple of families who were filed for court on March 28 just received their court dates for June 2.  We were filed on April 11 (2 weeks after them), so we are hopeful that we'll hear of our court date within a couple of weeks.  Evidently the judge who does the assigning of court cases was on vacation (how dare she!) so that slowed things up a bit.  We're still hoping to travel at the end of June or beginning of July for the first time...  Please pray that we can get our court date soon so we can finally meet baby Zoe! 

We've also been working on Zoe's room.. It's starting to come together and I love the pink and brown!  I will post pictures once we get things on the wall and get a little closer to having it done.  As always, thanks for your continued support and prayers....

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