Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collecting Donations!

As we get a little closer to traveling (we still don't know for sure when we're leaving yet), we are starting to work on collecting donations for Zoe's orphanage.  We have received a list of the items that they are in need of.  If any of you feel led to donate to Zoe's orphanage, we would be more than happy to take your items with us!

The items they need are as follows:
Clothing (especially children sizes 4-12)
Bedding (crib,twin and full sizes)
Hygiene products
Baby/Childrens Shampoo
Baby/Childrens Soap
Baby Powder
Teeth Products
Baby Wipes and Childrens Wipes
Rice Cereal
Childrens Vitamins
Childrens Medicines
DVD's (learning or Disney)

If you live close and would like to drop them off at our house, that would be great..  Or we would be happy to come pick things up as well.  Thanks for any and all donations!  They will be much appreciated!


  1. Hello Baker family! Our family is in the final stages of adopting 2 girls from Haiti. I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took for you to receive your I600 approval? We've been waiting for a month now, and I wondered if this was a normal timeframe. Thanks for your input! (love your blog--Evan and Zoe are such little sweethearts!)

  2. Ashley,
    Phil and I will get some things together for you to take :)