Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He's Healthy!

Evan had his 3-year check-up with Dr. Camille yesterday.  He did amazingly well.  This is the first time he hasn't freaked out when we walked in the door.  I think all of the "talking" we did before the visit really helped- and the pretend doctors instruments from Ma and Papa helped too!  He only cried a little when he got his shot- we were so proud of him.  Dr. Camille said he is a very healthy boy and he weighed in at 39 lbs and 38 3/4 inches... We have a big 3 year old on our hands! 

And for an adoption update....  We hope to have the first draft of our home study in our hands by the end of this week...  I know in most people's terms we are probably moving along quickly- but it sure seems slow to me!!  Check out Evan's "Adoption Rocks" t-shirt in the above picture...  It was one of his birthday gifts...  He loves talking about his baby sister in Africa when he wears it..  Too cute!! 

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  1. Hey Ashley! Cute picture! And glad to hear that you have a healthy 3 year old! Love reading about your adoption process...I hope and pray it all goes smoothly for you! I answered your question that you had on my blog in the comments section but the short answer is that my mom works there so they created the page after they saw Natee's picture on her desk :) Anyway...hope all is well and so glad we can connect through our blogs! :)

    Take care