Monday, March 8, 2010

Potty Training and New Toys...

Well, nothing very new and exciting going on here- except for the fact that Evan is making progress on the potty training. Still a few accidents, and we still have to work on going #2 in the potty, but progress is good :) So we've been focusing on that a lot and also getting very anxious for nice weather and the ability to play and do fun things outside. Every day Evan asks if it's summer yet and if we can go to the zoo... He's soo looking forward to the zoo!!
Funny faces with Aunt Laura- she'll probly kill me for posting these, but oh well :)
Fish faces :)
Not quite sure what this face was :)
Evan dressed up in the clown costume...
Cute little boy :)
He was in such a goofy mood :)
My mom in the clown outfit with Evan... I'm sure after this post everyone is going to think my family is pretty crazy... And they pretty much are! But we love them all the same :)
Evan in his new cozy coupe car... He can't wait to drive it outside this summer...
So happy :)
Drinking, drinking and more drinking... This was while we were working on the potty training a couple weekends ago...
Showing off his Cars underwear....
First time wearing big boy underwear... Not too sure about it :)

Well, hope all is well with everyone!! That's all until next time!!

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